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Bible Study Geek- The Bible Is Not A Self Help Book

My friend Randy has some good words about The Bible point of the bible and how we end up using it. You should head over to Bible Study Geek and read The Bible Is Not A Self Help Book

This book you are randomly dipping your finger into for help shouldn’t be used that way. You would get more help by dipping your finger into one of those chocolate fountains….

Self-help is overrated. Just fly to God. Fly to God. Fly to Jesus.

DIvine Commodity blog tour

Skye Jethani has a new book out there: The Divine Commodity. Today he is on a blog tour (complete list of blogs and radio spots can be found here). Bob Hyatt has started what looks to be a good conversation with Skye. You should stop by and add your thoughts and questions. Also be sure… Continue Reading

The Coming Evangelical Collapse

The Internet Monk (Michael Spenser) has a great article in the Christian Science Monitor (on-line and in print): The Coming Evangelical Collapse. It’s a great piece, really good food for thought. His article (actually allot of his blogging) has led me to two conclusions: I’m not ready to give up being an evangelical yet. There… Continue Reading

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