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A Birth Story

A Birth Story

Ender's BirthdayEnder Owen Smith was born on February 11, 2010 at 2:55pm.

Yes, we  got his first name from Enders Game by Orson Scott Card. His middle name was inherited from my Papa, Charles Owen Smith.

All throughout the pregnancy, we have heard birth stories that are all kinds of terrifying. Stories of doctors rushing through births, choosing to induce the mother against her will, pushing for a c-section, and generally running the beautiful process of birth like just another task to accomplish.

Praise God we were blessed with an amazing doctor and an amazing experience.

Our doctor was trained mostly by midwives. She understood and supported our desire to go through this birth as naturally as possible, believing Sarah’s body was made to do this and that Ender wanted to be delivered. Both she and the nursing staff in the maternity ward were supportive, helpful, and a joy to be around.

Contractions started around 7:00pm on the 10th (Wednesday). We had been anticipating Ender’s arrival for about three weeks, believing that he would probably not wait until the due date.  We were wrong. Continue Reading

Good Things

Today, I’m thinking about what is good. It is so easy for me (at this time in my life) to become overwhelmed by stress, all the need-to-do’s, discouragement, and general crankiness. It’s so easy for me to forget about what is good. In an effort to combat this forgetfulness, I present a (partial) list of… Continue Reading

Some nice words… from a nerd!

I found this post about my photography from Rob Heath over at Nerd Fellowship. He had some really nice things to say. Thanks Rob! Nerd Fellowship is a site I stumbled upon (Remember the Peter Fox awesomeness). It’s all about the benjemins baby… oh wait. I mean, it’s all about nerd stuff. Makes me feel… Continue Reading

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