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DIvine Commodity blog tour

Skye Jethani has a new book out there: The Divine Commodity.

Today he is on a blog tour (complete list of blogs and radio spots can be found here).

Bob Hyatt has started what looks to be a good conversation with Skye. You should stop by and add your thoughts and questions.

Also be sure to check out a couple of my favorite blogs that Skye is also visitiong today:

Guest Blogger (of sorts…): Transaction Theology

Joel Hunter (of BHT fame) responded to my question about transaction theology: Hi there, Aaron. Michael has written a great article about this subject: http://www.internetmonk.com/archive/imonk-101-out-of-business-with-god. In general, a transaction is an exchange, a quid pro quo. It is also the basis for all religion. You do X, and the deity does Y in return.And this… Continue Reading

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