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Bible Study Geek- The Bible Is Not A Self Help Book

My friend Randy has some good words about The Bible point of the bible and how we end up using it. You should head over to Bible Study Geek and read The Bible Is Not A Self Help Book

This book you are randomly dipping your finger into for help shouldn’t be used that way. You would get more help by dipping your finger into one of those chocolate fountains….

Self-help is overrated. Just fly to God. Fly to God. Fly to Jesus.

Writer habits: day 10- share

I am a writer, but I am also a reader. I write in the midst of reading and interactig with other people. A community exists, ad I am a part of it. Part of being a good writer is using these words of mine to point out other peoples words you should be reading. This is’t… Continue Reading

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Book Review- Unladylike: Resisting the Injustice of Inequality in the Church

Talking about gender issues in Church typically gets one of two responses: either it is declared a “secondary issue” that is a matter of personal opinion and interpretation, or the very idea of “women in ministry” is viewed as a threat to the underlying fabric of the Christian faith. Both of these responses are wrong. after… Continue Reading

A good Advent resource

Jason Vana is this random dude on the internet that I met and have come to consider a friend.  He heads up a group called Ignite. He also is one of those design type people. For advent (which starts tomorrow FYI) he has put together a devotional book/calendar that is defiantly worth your time and energy to check… Continue Reading

Book Review: A Question of Faith

I found Tor Constiantino‘s book A Question of Faith a refreshing change in the comparative religion discussion. Too often no meaningful conversation comes from these attempts because of mischaracterization, vilification, and this weird need to empirically and definitively prove that “my religion is right”. I’m not against apologetics, nor do I think that all religions can all be right. However, if we are going to have an honest discussion,… Continue Reading

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