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It is finished

It is finished-

            Age old words spoken of what messiah

                        must do, must be, must suffer

            finished in…

                        words of forgiveness…

                        cries of lament…

                        moves of fulfillment…

            finished in you.


It is finished-

            the suffering of God,

                        the raged breaths, the free flowing blood, the mockery…

            head bowed, now you give up your spirit.

            It is finished

                        so blood and water flow.


It is finished-

            your disciples take your body down

                        wrapped in the shroud and spices of death

                        laid in a tomb,

            and all they can think is

                        “It is finished.”


The temple has been torn asunder,

and God now bleeds with man.

For this you were born,

To hang and die.

At the right time

You ragingly cried:

                                    “It is finished!”

My God My God

This is a meditation/expanded reworking of Jesus’s word’s of lament on the cross. My God, my God Why have you forsaken me? My God my God I call to you but find no relief My God my God The jeering tongues lash at my cheeks My God my God You’ve saved others; can you deliver… Continue Reading

When you sleep and I watch

I lie next to you, watching you sleep, Hearing our breath fall into sync And I love it. For a million hours I could stare at the ceiling Never thinking of leaving; Your next to me. A soft face pictures capture so well now inches sway from these waiting lips. Softly I kiss This lovely… Continue Reading

Old souls and Young lives

I guess someday I will see, just like the old men said to me. So will it all look the same? Will it finally look like a normal life? Here in these moments that take years to accomplish I find myself at a loss for words, or maybe just wishing someone was around to hear… Continue Reading

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